Money Matters With Melody Newsletter December 2017

Have you out grown your current vehicle or is there more rust than paint?

Wow can you believe that Santa will soon be on his way? Fortunately for him, his magic sleigh is never manages to get the job done.

Unfortunately for us with life’s changes comes the need to up size or sometimes down size

our vehicle. Although let’s be honest sometimes it’s not so unfortunate as we get the chance

to buy a shiny new car.

When it is time to buy that next car or motorcycle, remember to give us a call to discuss our

vehicle locating service.

Not only can we save you money on the changeover cost, we can also assist you with a

competitive deal for your finance and insurance requirements.

Also if you’re planning to update your home, we can help you with that too.

Please call today to find out more and let us help you secure your next car, or save

you thousands on your next home loan, 0409 271 975.

Kind regards,


Mortgage & Finance Broker

Money Matters with Melody

I’m looking to upgrade my car or bike….

Variable rate, owner occupied @ 3.68% for loan sizes over $150,000

To find out more about this special offer or to review your

circumstances please get in touch.

*Revert rate 3.68% , comparison rate 3.69%, subject to lender approval*

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